Nuestra Mission/ Our Mission

Dar testimonio del evangelio de la gracia De Dios en nuestra comunidad alcanzando almas en el amor de Cristo e incorporándolos  a nuestra familia animándolos a crecer en madurez. 

Bear witness to the gospel of the grace of God in our community, reaching souls in the love of Christ and incorporating them into our family, encouraging them to grow in maturity.

 Pastor Ana Hewitt 

Our Pastor Ana Hewitt is married to Clifford Hewitt and have twin sons, Matthew and Mark. Pastor Ana Hewitt has been in the ministry for over 25 years and was one of the founding members to AALV 11 years ago. Pastor Ana Hewitt has traveled nationally and internationally to spread the Word of Jesus Christ in many UPCI ladies conferences.  Pastor Ana has worked over 7 years with the ladies department and was head of the annual AALV Ladies Avivando el Fuego Conference.  We give great pride to announce that AALV has the vision to find the lost souls that have never felt hope or known of God and bring them to church where they can grow and prosper spiritually. We welcome you to visit AALV and experience what God can do in your life. 

aposento alto of las vegas    -  upper room of las vegas


La fe es más que una religión. Se trata de una relación entre una persona y Dios. Juntos, hacemos una familia unida.

Faith is more than a religion. It is a relationship between a person and God. Together, we make a strong united family.

Lo que creemos/ What we believe

Creemos en un solo Dios. Somos de la Iglesia Pentecostal Unida Internacional. Bautizamos en el nombre de JesúsCristo.

We believe in the Oneness of God. We belong to the United Pentecostal International Church. We baptize in Jesus name.


Nuestra Vision/ Our Vision

1. adoración
2. evangelismo
3. el compañerismo
4. el discipulado
5. ministerio

1. worship
2. evangelism
3. companionship
4. discipleship
5. ministry